Brand Consultation: Investigative analysis combined with big ears and bright ideas.
Art Direction: Imagery that tells the truth.
Design: Functional, communicative graphics that solve a problem.
Layout: Clear, organized information that your audience will understand.
Name Development: Creative understanding of your product, service and market.
Editing: Headline tweaking with a touch of inspiration.
Project Management: Mapping your route with no budget bumps or surprise endings.
Wherever you need to start, plug me in.
At the beginning
Concept development, brainstorming, brand strategizing, art direction, identity system organization, logo development, project management.
And if you don’t know where to start, I’ll lead you through the process.
In the middle
New needs for all things involving print production and graphic design
(ads, annual reports, capital campaigns,brochures, package design, signage, banners), web architecture and web copy.
At the end
Upgrade of materials and finish it off.