It seems to me, you’re on this ABOUT page to learn a bit about who, what and how I work, but if you want to know more ABOUT me, please feel free to phone!

I’m good at letting clients go where they need to go all the while helping them balance their perspective with the expectation of their audience. On the other hand, I love taking the reins, digging in and creating a client’s image—the beginning of their brand.

You can plug me in wherever you have need.

I’ve been a project manager, an art department manager, a creative director, an art director, a designer, an editor, a wordsmith, a stylist, and a layout artist. I’ve come from a fine art and strong print production background and use both sides of my brain.

My goal is to help you—and your audience—think differently about your product, service or cause; shine it up and bring it into view.

Who am I most likely to work with? Non-profits and educational institutions; small and mid-size businesses; individual entrepreneurs; purposeful people with a sense of humor and the spirit of cooperation.

What kind of projects have I designed? Logos, identity systems, annual reports, capital campaign materials, invitations, auction materials, brochures, brand standards, billboards, banners, cd covers, album covers (yep), book covers, cards, flyers, folders, charts, graphs, infographics, posters, postcards, ads, signage, packages, end aisle displays, shelf talkers, labels and website architecture.

What are my strengths beyond design? Big picture overview; content organization; project management; completing projects on time; listening and asking questions; analytical and intuitive thinking; turning on a dime (or the eleventh hour); identifying what you’re about; taking the lead or taking directions; starting quickly; balancing client desires with audience expectation; good with change; lightening your load…and making soup.