The Cool Factor

As the oldest and only all-female school in Oregon, St. Mary’s Academy has maintained a strong academic reputation. But to increase enrollment, St. Mary’s needed to increase applicant interest. Acutely aware of the necessity for pre-teens to be stimulated, I designed and named an admission guidebook with a “cool” scrapbook feel. The basic magazine format stayed consistent for several years as “Connect” (left image) and was upgraded yearly eventually becoming known as “The Connection.” (right image)

Client: St. Mary’s Academy

Task: Design admission materials that would increase applicants.

Result: Applications increased 26%.

Services: Concept Development, Naming, Art Direction, Design & Layout, Project Management


Donor Appeal

St. Mary’s Academy Annual Report

Traditionally St. Mary’s had a 5.5″ x 8.5″ perfect bound annual report. With the dramatic shift to a landscape 11″ x 8.5″ view, the annual report became a noticeable view of the school’s effort to secure its reputation as a college-prep high school for girls.

Donor Appeal

St. Mary’s Academy Auction Invitation and Catalog

An illustration of Nouveau-type wings was design for St. Mary’s auction logo and used in the development of all auction materials.

Donor Appeal

St. Mary’s Academy Annual Appeal

Taking key words from several conversations with staff, I designed an annual appeal steeped with words emblematic of St. Marys Academy.

Expansion of the “Cool Factor”

For years St. Mary’s had created an invitation, a poster, envelop and a hand-out for their annual Open House. This standard changed when I introduced the idea of combining all these materials into one self-mailer as a cost-effective measure.

To create the poster, several magazines were purchased and doing exactly what many teen girls do, I created a word collage. The poster was handmade at 100%  (18″ x 24″) and proved not only to be cost effective but got parent praise.

Client: St. Mary’s Academy

Task: Design invitation and poster for St. Mary’s annual Open House for pre-teen girls.

Result: Positive reviews on Facebook by parents!

Services: Concept Development, Art Direction, Design & Layout, Handmade Collage, Project Management